Introduction to Cigar Samplers

Cigar samplers are an excellent way for cigar enthusiasts and newcomers alike to explore the broad range of tastes, aromas, and experiences that the world of cigars has to offer. They are carefully curated packages of different cigar brands, sizes, and styles, offering an opportunity to try a variety of cigars without the commitment of purchasing a whole box of one type.

Cigar samplers can vary greatly, from simple two or three cigar bundles to comprehensive collections that showcase the very best of a particular brand or region. They can be themed around a certain country’s tobacco, a specific maker, or even a particular flavor profile. This makes them not only a great way to discover new favorites but also an ideal gift for the cigar aficionaado in your life.

For beginners, samplers provide an accessible entry point into the world of cigars. They allow you to try a range of different cigars to find out what you like before investing in larger quantities. Meanwhile, for seasoned smokers, they offer an opportunity to explore new brands and blends, keeping their cigar experience diverse and exciting.

Purchasing cigar samplers also comes with a financial advantage. Often, buying cigars individually can be more expensive than buying them in bulk. With samplers, you’re able to enjoy a range of cigars for a more affordable price.

Furthermore, cigar samplers can often be found online, making it easy for you to explore a world of different flavors and experiences right from the comfort of your own home. Regardless of your level of experience or knowledge, cigar samplers provide a unique and enjoyable way to delve deeper into the rich and varied world of cigars.

imgTypes of Cigar Samplers

Cigar samplers are an excellent way to explore the vast world of cigars, allowing both novices and seasoned enthusiasts to try a variety of cigars without committing to a full box. These packages come in different types, each offering a unique experience depending on the selection of cigars included. Cigar samplers are a fantastic way to discover new favorites, broaden your palate, or simply enjoy a diverse range of flavors and styles. This article will discuss several types of cigar samplers.

  1. Brand Specific Samplers: These cigar samplers feature a selection of cigars from a specific brand. They are an excellent choice for those who have a favorite brand and want to explore other offerings from the same producer. For example, a sampler from Arturo Fuente might include a selection of their best-selling cigars, each with varying strength, size, and flavor profiles.
  2. Regional Samplers: These samplers showcase cigars from a specific region or country, such as the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, or Cuba. Regional samplers offer cigar enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the unique characteristics and flavors that each region’s soil and climate bring to the tobacco.
  3. Size Specific Samplers: This type of sampler focuses on a particular size or shape of cigar. For instance, you might find a sampler that includes only Churchill-sized cigars, or perhaps one that features a selection of different Figurado shapes. Size specific samplers are ideal for those who prefer a certain size or shape but want to try different brands or blends.
  4. Strength Specific Samplers: Strength specific samplers cater to those who prefer a particular strength in their cigars. Whether you prefer mild, medium, or full-bodied cigars, there’s likely a sampler that caters to your preference. This type of sampler can help you discover new cigars that match your preferred strength level.
  5. Mixed Samplers: Mixed samplers offer a variety of cigars from different brands, regions, sizes, and strengths. These are perfect for those who enjoy variety or are just starting to explore the wide world of cigars. A mixed sampler can provide a broad overview of what’s available, helping you identify your preferences.
  6. Premium Samplers: If you’re looking to treat yourself or gift a fellow aficionado, premium samplers are the way to go. These typically include high-end, luxury cigars from top-rated brands. These samplers often feature limited-edition or aged cigars, providing a truly special smoking experience.
  7. Themed Samplers: Themed samplers can be centered around a variety of concepts. For example, a holiday-themed sampler might include cigars that are perfect for enjoying by the fire during the winter season. There are also samplers designed to pair with certain types of beverages like coffee or whisky.
  8. Flavor Infused Samplers: For those who enjoy flavored cigars, there are samplers that include a selection of these unique smokes. This could include cigars infused with coffee, chocolate, rum, or other exotic flavors. These samplers allow you to explore the world of flavored cigars, each offering its own unique taste experience.
  9. Limited Edition Samplers: These samplers include cigars that are hard to find or have been released in limited quantities. They offer cigar enthusiasts the chance to try something new and unique. Limited edition samplers often come with highly sought-after cigars that may not be available individually.
  10. Beginner Samplers: For those new to cigars, beginner samplers provide a selection of mild to medium strength cigars that are easy to enjoy. They often come with educational materials to help newcomers learn about cigar terminology, how to cut and light a cigar, and what to look for when tasting.

In conclusion, cigar samplers come in an array of types, each offering a unique exploration of the cigar universe. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a beginner, there’s a sampler out there to match your tastes and curiosity. Happy smoking!

Components of a Cigar Sampler

A cigar sampler is a set that includes different types of cigars in varying sizes, styles, and flavors, providing a unique experience for both seasoned aficionados and newcomers to the world of cigars. The components of a sampler can vary greatly depending on the brand, type, and price point. However, there are some common elements that are usually included in a typical cigar sampler.

Firstly, a cigar sampler usually contains a selection of cigars. The quantity can range from a modest set of three or four cigars to a more comprehensive collection of twenty or more. These cigars are often chosen to offer a range of experiences to the smoker. They may vary in terms of their size, from the smaller cigarillos and robustos to the larger churchills and double coronas. They may also differ in their shapes, including parejos with their classic straight-sided cylindrical shape, and figurados, which include any cigar that is not a straight-sided cylinder.

In addition to size and shape, the cigars in a sampler will also differ in terms of their blend, or what types of tobacco leaves are used in their construction. Some cigars might be made with a blend of tobaccos from multiple countries, while others might use only one type of tobacco for a more consistent flavor. The blend can significantly influence the taste of the cigar, with different types of tobacco imparting different flavors and aromas.

Another important component of a cigar sampler is the wrapper. The wrapper is the outermost leaf of a cigar, and it plays a significant role in the cigar’s flavor. Wrappers can range in color from light, golden-brown claro wrappers to dark, almost black oscuro wrappers. Each type of wrapper imparts a different flavor and aroma to the cigar, and the wrappers included in a sampler can significantly affect the overall smoking experience.

The filler and binder are also crucial components of a cigar. The filler is the tobacco located in the center of the cigar and constitutes the bulk of the cigar’s tobacco. The binder, on the other hand, is used to hold the filler in place. Like the wrapper and the blend, the types of tobacco used for the filler and binder can greatly influence the flavor and aroma of the cigar.

Beyond the cigars themselves, some samplers may also include accessories. Common accessories might include a cigar cutter, essential for properly preparing the cigar for smoking; a humidor, used to store cigars and maintain an optimal level of humidity; and a lighter or matches, for lighting the cigar.

Some samplers might also include educational materials, such as a guide to the different types of cigars included in the sampler, or tasting notes that describe the flavors and aromas that the smoker might experience. These materials can be especially helpful for beginners who are just starting to explore the world of cigars.

Lastly, the packaging of a cigar sampler is also a vital component. The packaging is often designed to protect the cigars during transport and storage, but it also serves an aesthetic function. A well-designed package can make the sampler more appealing as a gift, and some cigar aficionados might even keep the packaging for display purposes after they’ve finished the cigars.

In conclusion, a cigar sampler is a carefully curated collection of cigars, often accompanied by accessories and educational materials. The components of a sampler can vary greatly, but they typically include a selection of cigars differing in size, shape, blend, and wrapper, as well as accessories like a cutter, humidor, and lighter. The packaging of the sampler is also an essential component, serving both practical and aesthetic functions. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar connoisseur or a beginner looking to explore the world of cigars, a cigar sampler can provide a diverse and enjoyable smoking experience.


Choosing the Right Cigar Sampler

Choosing the right cigar sampler can feel like a daunting task, especially if you are new to the world of premium cigars. With a wide range of options available, it’s crucial to understand your preferences and what to look for to make an informed decision. From knowing your budget to understanding the types of cigars, this guide will help you navigate the world of cigar samplers.

Firstly, it’s crucial to determine your budget. The price range for cigar samplers can vary greatly, from affordable options that cost a few dollars to luxurious options that may cost hundreds. It’s essential to decide how much you are willing to spend before you start shopping.

Next, knowing your preference in terms of taste and strength can be a great help. Cigars come in a wide range of flavors, from sweet and creamy to spicy and robust. Some cigar samplers are specifically designed for beginners, offering a variety of mild and medium-strength cigars. On the other hand, there are samplers designed for seasoned cigar smokers, which may include medium to full-bodied cigars. If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to start with mild to medium cigars as they are less likely to overwhelm your palate.

The size and shape of the cigars can also influence your choice. Cigar samplers often include cigars of various shapes and sizes, known as vitolas. Some people prefer larger, thicker cigars that provide a longer smoking session, while others might prefer smaller, thinner ones. The shape of the cigar can also affect the smoking experience. For example, a torpedo-shaped cigar allows you to control the draw by cutting the tapered end to your liking.

You should also consider the origin of the cigars. The country where the tobacco is grown can significantly impact the flavor profile of the cigar. Some of the most renowned cigar-producing countries include Cuba, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. Each country produces tobacco with distinctive flavors and characteristics. For example, Nicaraguan tobacco is known for its robust and spicy flavors, while Dominican tobacco is often described as smooth and flavorful. If you’re not sure which you prefer, consider a sampler that includes cigars from various origins.

Quality is another important factor to consider. While it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option, remember that the quality of the cigars can greatly affect your smoking experience. Look for samplers that include well-constructed cigars with a good draw and even burn. It’s also worth checking the ratings and reviews to get a better idea of the quality of the cigars in the sampler.

Lastly, consider the presentation. If you’re buying the sampler as a gift, you might want to opt for a sampler that includes a nice box or a humidor. Not only does it make for a more impressive gift, but it also provides a suitable storage solution for the cigars.

In conclusion, choosing the right cigar sampler involves a careful consideration of your budget, taste preferences, the size and shape of the cigars, their origin, quality, and presentation. By taking the time to understand these factors, you can ensure that you choose a cigar sampler that not only satisfies your taste buds but also offers you a fantastic introduction to the wide and wonderful world of premium cigars.

Benefits of Cigar Samplers

Cigar samplers are a fantastic way to explore the wide world of cigars, offering numerous benefits to both new and seasoned aficionados. This article will highlight the many advantages of cigar samplers, proving why they are an essential part of any cigar enthusiast’s journey.

One of the most significant benefits of cigar samplers is variety. As the name suggests, cigar samplers provide an assortment of different cigars in one package. This means that you can try many different brands, types, and flavors without committing to a whole box. It offers an opportunity to experience the full spectrum of what the cigar world has to offer, from mild to full-bodied, sweet to spicy, and everything in between.

Cigar samplers are also an excellent way to experiment. With a selection of different cigars at your disposal, you can discover what you truly enjoy. You might find that a certain brand suits your tastes better than others, or that a particular flavor profile appeals to you more. Cigar samplers allow you to refine your palette and develop a deeper appreciation for the nuances in different cigars.

Additionally, cigar samplers make for a perfect gift. If you know someone who enjoys cigars, a sampler can be a thoughtful and appreciated present. They provide the recipient with a variety of cigars to enjoy and can introduce them to new brands or flavors they might not have tried before. For someone new to cigars, a sampler can be a fantastic introduction to the hobby, giving them a taste of the different styles and profiles available.

Moreover, cigar samplers can be cost-effective. Buying individual cigars can add up quickly, especially if you’re interested in trying a variety of high-quality brands. With a sampler, you get an assortment of cigars at a reduced price. It’s an economical way to enjoy a diverse selection of cigars without breaking the bank.

It’s also worth noting that cigar samplers can be a great way to compare different cigars. Since you’re getting a range of brands, types, and flavors in one package, you can directly contrast and compare them. You can note the differences in construction, draw, burn, flavor, and aroma, helping you to understand what you value most in a cigar.

Furthermore, cigar samplers can help expand your knowledge of cigars. Each cigar in a sampler comes from a different background, with its unique history and craftsmanship. By trying various cigars, you can learn more about the regions they come from, the tobacco used, and the techniques employed in their creation. It’s not just about enjoying a good smoke; it’s also about appreciating the artistry and culture behind each cigar.

Cigar samplers also provide an element of surprise and excitement. When you order a sampler, you’re not always sure what you’re going to get. This can make for a fun and exciting experience as you unwrap the package and discover the selection of cigars inside. It’s like a treasure hunt, where each cigar is a new discovery waiting to be enjoyed.

Lastly, cigar samplers can add a social element to your cigar smoking. They can be a fantastic conversation starter when shared with fellow enthusiasts. Sharing a sampler allows everyone to discuss their thoughts and opinions on each cigar, creating a shared experience that can be both enjoyable and enlightening.

In conclusion, cigar samplers offer a wealth of benefits. They provide variety, allow for experimentation, make great gifts, are cost-effective, facilitate comparison, expand knowledge, offer surprise and excitement, and can even add a social dimension to your cigar smoking. For these reasons, cigar samplers are an invaluable tool in any cigar enthusiast’s arsenal, providing a comprehensive and enjoyable way to explore the world of cigars.


How to Properly Enjoy a Cigar Sampler

Cigar smoking is an art, a sophisticated indulgence enjoyed by many worldwide. For those who appreciate the refined pleasure of a good cigar, nothing beats the experience of exploring a cigar sampler. A cigar sampler is a package of different cigars, each offering various flavors, strengths, and sizes.

Understanding how to properly enjoy a cigar sampler can drastically improve your overall experience. Here are some tips to maximize your pleasure while exploring the world of cigars.

**Understanding your Cigar Sampler**

Cigar samplers come in a variety of combinations. A sampler may include cigars from different countries, different brands, or different blends. The first step in enjoying a cigar sampler is understanding what it contains. Take a moment to research the cigars included in your sampler. Learning about the origin, blend, and characteristics of each cigar can enhance your appreciation and anticipation.

**Proper Storage**

Cigars need to be stored correctly to maintain their quality. They should be kept in a humidor at 68-72% humidity and a temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep them fresh, maintain their aroma and flavor, and prevent them from drying out or becoming too moist. Even if you plan to smoke your sampler cigars relatively quickly, it’s essential to store them correctly to preserve their quality.

**Examining the Cigar**

Before lighting up, take a moment to inspect each cigar. Look at the wrapper. It should be smooth and without blemishes or cracks. Feel the cigar by gently pressing it between your fingers. It should be firm, but not too hard. Smell the cigar. The aroma can give you a hint of the flavors you will experience.

**Cutting and Lighting**

A good cigar requires a proper cut. Use a quality cigar cutter to achieve a clean cut. Some people prefer a straight cut, while others prefer a V-cut or a punch cut. Experiment with different cuts to see which you prefer.

When it comes to lighting your cigar, avoid using a regular lighter or matches as they can affect the flavor. Instead, use a butane lighter or a wooden cigar match. Light the cigar by holding it at a 45-degree angle above the flame. Rotate the cigar to ensure an even burn.

**Smoking the Cigar**

Take your time when smoking a cigar. Rushing can cause the cigar to overheat, which can affect the flavor. Instead, aim for one puff every minute. When puffing, do not inhale the smoke. Instead, let it linger in your mouth to taste the flavors and then exhale.

Remember, smoking a cigar is a sensory experience. Pay attention to the flavors and how they develop and change as you progress through the cigar.

**Pairing with a Beverage**

A well-chosen beverage can enhance the enjoyment of your cigar. Traditional choices include coffee, rum, whiskey, or cognac. However, feel free to experiment with other options like wine, craft beer, or even a cocktail. The goal is to find a drink that complements the flavors of the cigar, creating a harmonious experience.

**Cleaning Up**

Once you’ve finished smoking a cigar, dispose of it properly. Do not crush it like a cigarette. Instead, let it extinguish naturally in an ashtray.

**Experiment and Take Notes**

Remember, a cigar sampler is about exploration. Try different cigars in different settings and at different times of the day. You might find that you prefer a robust, full-bodied cigar in the evening, but a lighter, milder one in the morning.

Taking notes can be beneficial in keeping track of your preferences. Write down your impressions of each cigar, including its flavor, aroma, size, and strength. This will help you remember which cigars you enjoyed the most and why.

In conclusion, enjoying a cigar sampler is a journey of discovery. It’s about exploring the subtle nuances of different blends, appreciating the artistry involved in cigar making, and finding pleasure in the smoking experience. By understanding your sampler, storing your cigars correctly, examining each cigar, cutting and lighting it properly, taking your time while smoking, pairing with a beverage, cleaning up properly, and taking notes, you can truly savor the experience of a cigar sampler.

Where to Find Cigar Samplers

Cigar smoking is more than a simple pastime, it’s a delicate art that requires an appreciation for the nuicances in taste, texture, and aroma. For those who are new to this sophisticated hobby or even for the seasoned connoisseurs who want to explore different flavors, cigar samplers are a fantastic way to experiment with a variety of brands and styles. In this write-up, we will explore a few places where you can find these cigar samplers.

Consider starting your search in local tobacco shops. These are typically stocked with an array of cigar types from various regions of the world. Often, these shops offer sampler packs, which include a selection of different cigars for you to try. These packs are a perfect way to explore new flavors and brands without committing to a large purchase. In addition, the staff at these shops are usually knowledgeable and can provide valuable guidance and advice.

Online retailers are another popular source for cigar samplers. Websites like Cigars International, Famous Smoke Shop, and Thompson Cigar offer a wide variety of sampler packs. These platforms make it easy to compare different options, read reviews from other customers, and make an informed decision from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, online retailers often have sales and discounts that can make your purchase even more cost-effective.

Subscription boxes are also an excellent way to get your hands on cigar samplers. Companies such as Cigar Club and Southern Cigar Co. offer monthly subscriptions where a variety of cigars are delivered right to your doorstep. This is a great way to constantly try new brands and flavors as the selection changes every month. Subscription boxes also make a great gift for the cigar aficionado in your life.

Cigar festivals and events are also worth checking out. These gatherings are a haven for cigar enthusiasts, with various brands showcasing their finest products. You can often find sampler packs at these events, allowing you to try a range of cigars from different manufacturers all in one place. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with other enthusiasts and industry professionals who can provide recommendations and insights.

Lastly, consider visiting cigar plantations and factories if you’re in a region known for its cigar production. Locations such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua are renowned for their quality cigars. These places often offer tours where you can see the process of cigar making firsthand. At the end of the tour, you can often purchase samplers featuring the cigars made on-site. This is a unique way to experience the art of cigar making and enjoy the freshest possible product.

No matter where you choose to purchase your cigar samplers, ensure you store them properly to maintain their flavor and quality. A good humidor will keep your cigars at the right humidity level and protect them from damage.

In conclusion, finding cigar samplers is easier than you might think. Local tobacco shops, online retailers, subscription boxes, cigar festivals, and even cigar plantations are all excellent places to find a wide range of options. Remember, sampling different cigars is all part of the experience, so enjoy the process of discovering your favorite brands and flavors. Happy smoking!


Cigar Sampler Reviews and Recommendations

Cigar samplers are a fantastic way for both beginners and seasoned aficionados to explore the world of premium cigars. They offer diversity, allowing you to experiment with various brands, blends, sizes, and flavors. This article seeks to review some of the best cigar samplers in the market and provide recommendations to guide your choices.

One of the top-rated samplers that stand out is the ‘Premium Cigar Sampler’ by Neptune Cigars. This sampler includes five different cigars, each showcasing a different strength, wrapper, and flavor profile. It is a perfect choice for cigar enthusiasts who want to experience a range of top-quality cigars without committing to buying a full box. The selection includes brands such as Arturo Fuente, Ashton, and Padron, known for their unique blends and exceptional craftsmanship.

Another highly recommended sampler is the ‘Best Of Cigar Samplers’ from Thompson Cigar. This sampler is a fantastic option for those looking to explore the best-selling cigars from a variety of premium brands. The collection includes a selection of mild, medium, and full-bodied cigars, providing a full spectrum of flavors and experiences. The sampler includes brands like Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, and Cohiba, which are renowned for their consistent quality and rich, complex flavors.

The ‘Top-Shelf Cigar Sampler’ from JR Cigars is another excellent option, particularly for those who enjoy more robust, full-bodied cigars. This sampler features a selection of cigars from brands like Davidoff, Drew Estate, and Oliva. Each cigar in the sampler has a unique flavor profile, from the peppery notes of the Davidoff to the sweet, creamy undertones of the Drew Estate. This sampler is a great way to experience a range of top-shelf cigars at a fraction of the price of buying them individually.

Another sampler worth considering is the ‘Rare Cigar Sampler’ from Cigars International. This sampler is a treasure trove for cigar aficionados, featuring a selection of hard-to-find cigars from top brands. Each cigar in the sampler is hand-selected for its unique blend, high-quality construction, and exceptional flavor. Brands in this sampler include Gurkha, Alec Bradley, and Rocky Patel, each offering a distinctive smoking experience.

For those who enjoy flavored cigars, the ‘Flavored Cigar Sampler’ from Gotham Cigars is a great choice. This sampler includes a selection of flavored cigars from brands like CAO, Tatiana, and Acid, each offering a unique, infused flavor experience. From the sweet, creamy notes of the CAO Bella Vanilla to the exotic, spicy undertones of the Acid Kuba Kuba, this sampler offers a diverse range of flavor experiences.

In conclusion, cigar samplers are a great way to explore the world of cigars. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to try different brands and blends, or a seasoned aficionado looking to expand your palate, there’s a sampler out there to suit your preferences. The ‘Premium Cigar Sampler’ from Neptune Cigars, ‘Best Of Cigar Samplers’ from Thompson Cigar, ‘Top-Shelf Cigar Sampler’ from JR Cigars, ‘Rare Cigar Sampler’ from Cigars International, and ‘Flavored Cigar Sampler’ from Gotham Cigars all come highly recommended.

Remember, the best cigar for you is the one you enjoy the most. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and discover your own personal favorites. Happy smoking!

Encouragement for enthusiasts to explore the world of cigar samplers as a way to discover new cigars and enhance their smoking experience

As a cigar enthusiast, there’s something wonderfully exciting about exploring the vast world of cigar samplers. It opens up a new realm of discovery, allowing you to enhance your smoking experience by trying out different types and brands of cigars that you may not have come across before.

Delving into the world of cigar samplers can be a thrilling journey, akin to a wine enthusiast sampling different vintages or a food lover trying out diverse cuisines. Just as the flavors of wine change with the type of grape, the soil, and the climate, the flavor profiles of cigars can vary greatly based on the type of tobacco, the country of origin, and even the specific crop year. And just like with food, your taste buds can become more refined and discerning as you sample more and more varieties.

Cigar samplers are packages, often beautifully presented, that contain a selection of different cigars. They can be a great starting point for beginners who are just starting to dip their toes into the cigar world. But they are also a wonderful resource for seasoned aficionados who are looking for new experiences and want to broaden their horizons.

The beauty of cigar samplers lies in their diversity. They can be themed around a particular brand, with a selection of their best or most popular cigars. Some samplers focus on a specific country, offering a taste of the unique flavors and characteristics of that country’s tobacco. Others might be curated around a certain type of cigar, such as robusto or toro, giving you the chance to compare and contrast how different brands interpret these classic formats.

Experimenting with cigar samplers can also be a journey of self-discovery. You will learn about your own preferences and tastes, and you might be surprised by what you find. Perhaps you’ve always thought you were a fan of full-bodied cigars, but after trying a sampler of lighter-bodied cigars, you find that you enjoy their subtle complexities. Or maybe you’ve always stuck to one brand, but after sampling a variety of different brands, you discover a new favorite.

Furthermore, cigar samplers are an excellent way to experience luxury cigars that you might not usually treat yourself to. Many samplers include high-end, premium cigars that are a real treat to smoke. This is a chance to indulge in a bit of luxury and savor the craftsmanship, quality, and rich flavors of some of the world’s finest cigars.

As well as being a pleasure for yourself, cigar samplers also make fantastic gifts. If you have friends or family who enjoy a good cigar, a sampler can be a thoughtful and generous present. It’s like giving them a ticket to a new adventure, a journey of discovery where they can explore new flavors and experiences.

Exploring the world of cigar samplers can be a wonderful way to deepen your appreciation for the art of cigar making. As you sample different cigars, you’ll start to notice the skill and craftsmanship that goes into each one. You’ll appreciate the subtleties of the flavors, the quality of the tobacco, and the skill of the rollers who create these works of art.


In conclusion, the world of cigar samplers is a rich and varied place, full of exciting discoveries and new experiences. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a seasoned aficionado looking to broaden your horizons, cigar samplers offer a fantastic way to explore the world of cigars. So why not take a chance, step out of your comfort zone, and dive into the world of cigar samplers? Your taste buds will thank you!